Welcome to the Resistance to M-514

The Wilberforce Project officially launched our petition against M-514 today!

The Wilberforce Project is on the front lines of this fight against this motion, and to be successful we are going to need to partner with common-sense, grassroots Albertans.

Rural Alberta deserves to have its priorities heard and met, it certainly does not deserve to become a ploy in the NDP's divisive political game.

Rural Alberta is constantly ignored, and this motion is yet another step in that direction. 

Please sign our petition against M-514 and spread the word.  I can only hope that the opposition parties will be a voice for rural Alberta.

This blog post is the first of a series on this important topic, and we hope that you will follow it for important updates in this fight against the big city mentality.

Cam Wilson

Political Coordinator for The Wilberforce Project

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