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The NDP are at it again.

They are ignoring the suggestions of rural Alberta about their own healthcare, and instead think that the big city NDP politicians know best.

According to the NDP, rural Alberta doesn't need better emergency or primary care, they need more abortions.

This is ridiculous because:

  • Abortion is already legal through all 9 months of pregnancy.  
  • It is already fully funded through your tax dollars to the tune of approximately $10,000,000 per year.
  • If this money was spent on real healthcare, we could end MRI wait lists.
  • Furthermore, the parents of an underage child who has an abortion are not notified of the invasive and dangerous procedure performed on their little girl.
  • Finally, the women who have abortions aren't even informed of many of the severe health risks of abortion, or of the humanity of their pre-born children. 

But the Alberta NDP aren't satisfied.  

They demand more abortions!

M-514 calls for the government to EXPAND abortion access in rural and Northern Alberta.  Rural and Northern Alberta, however, have already told the government the healthcare challenges their communities face in a 2014 report, and nowhere was abortion mentioned.

Rural Alberta struggles to provide emergency medicine, has difficulties establishing a primary care network, and faces huge challenges in delivering mental health services.

This motion ignores these struggles.  

Instead, the NDP want to play politics while neglecting the real and pressing healthcare needs in rural communities. They want to score political points regardless of the impact on rural communities.

This is why common sense Albertans must stand up against M-514. The crazy experiment in unregulated, unlimited, and tax payer sponsored abortion is devastating.  There are actual, life saving, needs in rural healthcare, and we can no longer afford to ignore them. 

Help send the NDP a message and sign this petition!

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